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Booking Request

Minimum Age: you must be 21 years or older to make a booking.

Deposit: we may ask for a deposit in order to secure a booking.

Payment: invoices will be sent by email a few days before your event; payment should be made before the event.

Cancellation Policy: cancellations made within 48 hours of an event may be charged at up to 50% of the agreed rate.

Minimum Hire Period: no room may be booked for less than 1 hour.

Private Parties: bookings for private parties finishing after 7pm are only accepted from within the parish of Woodbury, including Woodbury Salterton and Exton.  A minimum of 1 hour kitchen hire will be charged for all parties.

Social Events/Quizzes etc and all day bookings: a minimum of 1 hour kitchen hire will be charged.


Before requesting a booking, it is a requirement that you read and accept the conditions of hire,safeguarding policy and privacy policy:






Click on Accept to access booking form

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